Screen Tearing

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  • I suddenly noticed screen tearing in my game even before the anniversary patch became live. I forced fast sync thru nvidia control panel and won't work. Even the in game vsync/triple buff won't fix the screen tears. I'm really sensitive to the choppy visuals so if there's any fix or update asap that would be appreciated
    Please Help.
    Thanks !
    I didn't find the right solution from the internet.
    - whiteboard video

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    First youre welcome to our Forum , but your request didnt find the right forum because this is a community for the country Belaurs (White Russia) and not for any game from So we cant and dont would be help you here. For any questions for your request please use the right forum under your posted link and not here - Thank you! Further i will warn you, because you writing down 2 Postings in different Topics - so we will see that as Spam and in our Rules you will see that this isnt be allowed - so please stop it or you will be blocked. Thats will be only a warning!